Poetry by Judith Brown

                                  High Desert

Longing for the sight of water,

I walked along the Truckee River.

Turning near the tree line between California and Nevada,

I saw the coyote..

looking at me with compelling gaze control.

A mystical creature revered for wisdom by Native  Americans.

Coyotes openly play and display affection to family members,

put out small fires by burying the embers or rolling on the flames,

improving on creation,

Reminding us not to be dualistic in our thinking.

Among the greatest survivor on this earth.

We are evolving with them.

They teach their young,

make up after fights,

console the one who is hurt

mourn their dead,

Experience the ineffable.

with no language

no religion

no scripture

a coyote specific

relationship with God.

—Judith A. Brown

                                      A Syrian Mother

with three children

envied the dead because

they had found a place to settle down.

Finding refuge in Germany.

the only thing she feared

was religious intolerance.

Her children were grateful there

wasn’t a single shelled house.

The birds were singing

Welcome to Germany.

At school the teacher wrote

warm greetings on the board

and surprised the children

who were not expecting

to make friends

on the first day.

—Judith A. Brown

                         The Moon in the Morning

As I opened my door at dawn,

the full moon invited me

into its embrace.

Filling me with love energy

from the Big Bang,

no longer disconnected from the cosmos.

A welcome call to all creation

into a sacred space.

Redeeming and renewing.

God going before us

and yet deeply incarnate

in the present moment.

Calling us to open to a new future

for everything and everyone we love.

—- Judith A. Brown


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