Christ is come to lead his people himself. – George Fox

What Canst Thou Say? (WCTS) The Blog comes from the editors of What Canst Thou Say? the journal, which has been published since 1994 as worship-sharing in print by Quakers with an interest in mystical experience and contemplative practice. WCTS is produced cooperatively by a group of Friends who, themselves, have felt the movement of the Spirit and who wish to deepen their understanding by interacting with others. This blog is intended to expand the reach of WCTS beyond our own website <whatcanstthousay.org>.

Tell Us Your Stories! We invite Friends to share in this blog either by commenting on our posts or by offering your more-extended writings for posting <wctseditors@gmail.com>. We invite you to share your wisdom about questions like these:

·      How we can search for God rather than listen to ego?

·      What can be some of the benefits of searching in that frame of mind?

·      How can Quakers create a spiritual life together that actively listens for the creative and unifying force of the Holy Spirit?

·      How do we listen for God not only in our private search for guidance, but also in our spiritual communities, with all our imperfect pullings and haulings?

·      How can Quakers help others, in this footloose and increasingly secular culture, search more wisely for God and for a more spiritual approach to life?

·      What can a blog do to help teach ways of living and praying and working, so that Jesus Christ can indeed teach His people himself?

·      How do you or your meeting model, teach, and provide a variety of occasions in your Quaker meetings to practice listening to God, not simply by sitting still, but by sharing the lessons of our lives: what have we each learned by listening to God in the busy-ness, the imperfect-ness, of our lives?

·      How do you model, teach and provide a variety of occasions to practice setting aside time for, or creative solutions to your meeting’s challenges, to help deepen the quality of worship in your meeting?

·      How do you model, teach and practice sharing the gut-level transformations of our thoughts, feelings and actions that have been our experience when we reach out to the Universe for guidance?

“Sharing our Stories” was the focus of our First Annual Gathering; it has been the focus of WCTS since our first issue in 1994.

 We invite Friends to share their transformational experiences with all of us through this blog.

Come to the Soulwork Party – it’s a potluck. BYO wisdom!

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  1. This is such a beautiful message — in every sense. I can just *see* the sunrise and the sunset, along with the burning hearts. It’s wonderful how an old, familiar Bible passage can speak new wonders in each changing season of our lives. Thank you Roxy! and thank you to all who made this blog possible!

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